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How informed are you? Discover what the candidates say behind closed doors on the Top 10 Issues voted most important by Angelinos.

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The Top 10 Most Important Issues to Angelinos

1. Your Monthly Utilities Bill:

Is Your Electricity Bill for Your Summer AC use, and Heater in the Winter too Expensive? Who is most likely to stand up to the Department of Water & Power (DWP) and the Union Bosses to lower your gas, water, and electricity bill?

2. Your Safety & Well Being:

Did you know, LA Police Officers spend 2/3rds of their time doing paper work? That means that for every 9 hours of work, 6 of those hours are in the office and not in our neighborhoods. The City of Los Angeles can DOUBLE the time Police Officers patrol the streets and keep us safe by simply eliminating a bunch of unnecessary paperwork. Want to know which candidates want to do this and which ones want to raise your taxes?

3. Your Child’s Education & Safety at School:

Is your child ready to join the workforce of tomorrow? Only half of the students in the LA Unified School District (LAUSD) graduate! That should be a crime. Discover what the candidates are saying behind closed doors, and find out who is most likely to use the power of the LA Mayor's office to clean up the LA Unified School District (LAUSD). With all the taxes we pay, Angelinos deserve better!

4. More Taxes:

Want to REALLY know what a higher sales tax in the city will do to Your Income? Obama already increased your Social Security Taxes by 2.2% in January. So instead of paying 4%, you now pay 6.2% (look at your Pay Check Stub). So for example, if you make $40,000 per year then the government is taking an additional $65.00 per month out of YOUR Pay Check, and that is in ADDITION to what you already pay. In total they are going to make you pay $780.00 dollars more this yearand now MOST of the candidates want to raise the LA City Sales Taxes. Find out who prefers to Balance the Budget, stop wasting your tax dollars, and NOT increase your Sales Tax during these tough economic times.

5. LA Traffic & Potholes:

How much time do you waste driving in traffic? And how much more maintenance does your car need because of LA’s horrible Freeways and Streets? How much are you spending on HIGH GAS PRICES? Did you know that more than half of the money we spend on expensive gas is for TAXES? These taxes are supposed to fix our freeways and streets, but because the city of LA is so over budget, they take these taxes and use them for “other departments”. Find out which candidates are ready to Change LA Now, and who will offer more of the same corruption.

6. City Corruption:

We know they are Politicians, NOT Saints… but they are supposed to Protect & Serve us, NOT fill their pockets with our money! Who is most likely to stand up for you? Find out who has the most experience and the best proven record of dealing with corruption and crime.

7. A Balanced City Budget:

Do you get a raise every year to keep up with increased cost of living? Do you get to buy your children all the books, toys, and cute clothes they deserve? Do you go eat at expensive restaurants 4-7 nights a week? Those are just some of the benefits LA City Officials have because they work for the city. If you want a bigger house, or just need to fix the home you have, you have to save your money and budget correctly (or else you can’t do it). Well NOT the City! They SPEND SPEND and SPEND some more. The way they try and balance the budget is by taxing you and borrowing more and more money against our city’s future. YOU have to live within a budget, so should they! Discover who has the best plan to balance the city’s budget without fancy accounting tricks, without borrowing against your future, with no gimmicks, and without raising taxes.

8. Pension Reform:

Is your retirement guaranteed and secure? The government workers have this security! Most Angelinos will have to work until we die. But if you work for the government you can retire early and be guaranteed to have a similar monthly income like you had while you worked. That is INSANE !! Guess who pays for government workers' comfortable retirement? YES…YOU DO!! WE ALL PAY for their nice and secure retirement. When elected mayor, who will have the most guts and use the power of the mayor's office to go around the corrupt city council and advocate for pension reform? Who is most likely not to make “secret back room deals” and fight to bring it to a vote… so you, and me, and the hard working people of the city can decide what is fair for everybody?

9. Parking Tickets:

Have you ever gotten a parking ticket for parking at a broken meter, or in a spot not clearly marked as tow away? Did you know a lot of people don’t pay their expensive parking tickets? LA City Parking tickets are some of the highest in the country! Studies show that more people would pay their parking tickets if three things were true: 1 – If the meters were working, and they didn’t make it back in time, 2 – If the curves and parking areas had clear and visible signs, and 3 – If as first time offenders, their parking tickets were much lower. Find out who plans to lower parking tickets so that the city can collect more money.

10. Animal Services:

Do you have a dog or a cat... or a gold fish, turtle or other Pet? Nobody wants to hurt nor mistreat, and definitely not unnecessarily kill any animal. Well, LA Animal Services is suppose to help protect, care, and properly work with the unsheltered animals within the city… and because the city of LA is bleeding money in so many departments, there hasn’t been anybody around to audit and bring accountability to the LA Animal Services Department. You need a LA Mayor that won’t let even our animals slip through the cracks. You and I need somebody to Change LA Now and ultimately bring real results.

Change LA Now is an independent organization and not for profit.  Our goal is to properly inform hard working Angelinos about what this years Mayor candidates for the City of Los Angeles are really like behind closed doors.  We want to expose which candidates owe favors to the unions and corporations.  Who is really wanting to help make our city great again, and who just wants to fill their pockets with your tax money.  You need to be informed in order to make the best decision to Change LA Now.

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